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Commercial air conditioning

Henley Refrigeration Limited have been supplying, installing and commissioning commercial air conditioning systems from all leading manufcaturers for over twenty years.​ Our experience ranges from single and multi split systems, multi VRF systems, close control systems and roof top air handing systems utilising DX or chilled water.

In line with our ethos of supplying only the most sustainable, energy efficient and highest quality of equipment, it will always be our firm belief that the manufacturers and suppliers we recommend and purchase our products from have a long and stable trading history within the UK, This enables us to serve our client with equipment operating on long term refrigerants  and be in a position to source replacement parts for extended periods of time. Any capital expenditure purchase by our clients is always an important one, and we do not believe in wasting their money in the long term to save a few pounds in the short term.


Our reputation with both clients and manufactuers has been solidly built on uncompromised high standards in the design criteria and installation of air conditioning equipment, We offer our clients peace of mind that only the correct type and level of equipment will be installed.


Our fully qualified team of installation technicians will always work with our clients to ensure minimum disruption to our clients and their properties.

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For more information on commercial air conditioning

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